COVID-19 Scheduling FAQs

Things are changing quickly from a strategy and best practices standpoint. Will Blockit's module stay in sync with those changes?

Yes. Our team is working with officials and will be monitoring changes to strategy and best practices. Updates will happen daily and be in sync to support.

How long will this be available for free?

The module will be free for COVID-19 testing indefinitely.

How many testing sites can I list?

As many as you want. There is not limit on locations.

Can I put my providers on the module for normal scheduling?

We would be happy to help you with that. Please reach out to to meet with one of our team members.

Who do we reach out to if we need help?

Please reach out via the Blockit Beacon, available when logged into the platform. You may also email support at

I am an organization that has been tasked with coordinating test site locations. Can we leverage the scheduling on our site where we already have the sites listed?

Yes. You may provide the link for your sites to set up their availability. We can either a) Aggregate an embed for you or b) give you access to our APIs so your development team can shape the experience you want with availability.

I am an association or aggregation of providers. Can we aggregate our members into a single consumer view for our area?

Yes. Please reach out via the Blockit Beacon, available when logged into the platform, and the Blockit team will help you with the appropriate steps to do that for your community.

Is my data secure in Blockit?

Yes. Blockit is HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified.

Can this integrate with my EMR?

Yes. We have partnerships with dozens of EMRs and can integrate to your live schedule. That typically takes 1-4 weeks to accomplish depending on your EMR and internal team. Therefore, consider getting test sites live now, and then working toward integration if it's important to your workflow. To get started or learn more, contact

How do patients get notifications?

The patient will receive a notification with location, data, time, and referral number (where applicable) when the testing appointment is booked.

How does my staff get notifications?

The person(s) listed in the admin account for each location will get a notification for each appointment that is booked so they can prepare.

How does my staff see my list of appointments in Blockit?

The core landing Appointments page in the admin app contains each days appointments, along with the ability to see statistics in the Dashboard.

Where do I login or get back to the admin portal?

You can go to or contact us at