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New Year, New Happenings - January 2024 Highlights

You're back! We absolutely love seeing you here and your interest in what's new. blockit is excited to be bringing you our new blog section, Newsletter, where you can find out what's new at blockit! Check back here each month to see what new features and functionality may be useful to you and your organization.

We're excited to share our latest and greatest with you!

Organizations can enable Get-in-Line to provide their patients with faster access to medical care. Get-in-Line uses a Wait List workflow queue, allowing organizations to set a specific number of available appointment slots at their clinic or other locations.

Patients can schedule same-day appointments without the need to call or wait for an office to open. After a patient books an appointment, they will receive a notification that confirms their appointment and another one when the clinic is ready to check them in.

Providers that offer scheduling often set a default buffer time (found in the Profile’s settings). This guarantees a minimum duration of time before a patient is able to book an available time slot.

In order to make buffers more customizable, blockit offers Dynamic Slot Buffers via submitting a support request. 

In addition to patient demographic information, referring provider / referred provider information is displayed. Previously, this information was not visible upon selecting an appointment date and time.

This update allows schedulers to validate referring provider information while scheduling the patient to align the patient referral with the appropriate provider schedule. 

Network Groups help users build and maintain narrow networks. Admin level users can select specific profiles to join the Network Group so that they can narrow their search results when scheduling patients.

When a Network Group is selected, only the members of that group will appear in the search results, ensuring that you keep your patients in network while filtering out provider schedules that should not be visible. 


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