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Why blockit?

Making care easy for patients and staff

Our Modules
Your Solution

Your patient access strategy leads the way with blockit. Our integration and configuration capabilities make us the leading technology platform that removes the barriers standing in the way of patient access, seamless closed-loop referrals, and optimal care coordination.


Convenience is now the highest priority for patients.

Make the patient scheduling experience convenient and easy to navigate by removing the barriers of multiple patient portals, clunky provider directories, and multiple clicks.


Our DNA leads to your success.

Discharge, Navigator, and Automated work together to reduce the administrative burden, maximize referral activity and close the referral loop.

Next Level Configurability

Configuration Available Every Step of the Way

Your organization and your patient access strategy are unique. Whether you only need API capabilities to better power your existing technology set or all the blockit modules, your organization will finally be able to connect technology, process, and people like never before.

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Interoperability Engine

Introducing a harmonized healthcare ecosystem.

Whether you’re operating in the blockit platform or directly out of your EMR, our deep integration technology allows for the seamless workflow to and from your provider schedules, across multiple EMRs, in real-time unlocked truly coordinated care.

Workflow Your Way

We Meet You and Your Patients Where You Are

No matter the technology or preference. From EMR orders automatically synced in a referral workflow to patient scheduling from text, blockit will help you reduce the friction and noise in the patient journey.

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Real-Time Support

Your team isn’t just available 9 - 5. Neither are we.

Convenience isn’t something we say, it’s something we do. 24x7 access to support, a database of Frequently Asked Questions, and access to real people that want to see you succeed

Implementation is a Breeze


By utilizing our proven implementation processes, patients and front-line teams are experiencing meaningful results within 90 days of kick-off.

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