A beginning that became a mission for people who care.

And so it began.


 The experience of buying healthcare services is hard. First, a person has to deal with being ill or injured. Then there’s finding the way back to health. It's a difficult journey. 

As if that wasn't hard enough, there's the rest of the journey. It's also hard to evaluate and schedule providers. Then there’s figuring out how to pay for it all. In most cases, that stuff adds an unbearable burden to the already arduous journey back to health.

While these burdens are difficult to bear for patients and their families, providers also bear a burden, often receiving little empathy for the intensity of such a burden. 

And while technology helps solve many problems in healthcare, the overwhelming complexity continues to compound a labyrinth environment with mixed results. 

Now, with blockit's digital care coordination platform providers can break down the barriers of the healthcare labyrinth making it simple and easy for patients to move through their care journey. 




The patient journey as it must be…seamless and simple to navigate for patients, patient advocates, community members, and healthcare providers.



The team wouldn’t be the team without the healthcare provider teams and the patients who use the Blockit platform. As for the people behind Blockit, they include healthcare leaders, healthcare consultants, technology engineers, project managers, and business leaders.

For a quick look at the leadership team, see below!

Jake McCarley.jpg

Jake McCarley

Chief Executive Officer

Jake McCarley started his career in healthcare consulting and has been making his mark as a socially-responsible healthcare technology innovator. Inspired by a personal motivation to improve healthcare, simplify the entire process for patients and foster better outcomes, Jake created Blockit to virtually navigate patients and create valuable insights for healthcare organizations.

Steve Corona.jpg

Steve Corona

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Corona is an engineering leader who started his first company when he was just 15 years old. Before Blockit, Steve was the CTO for TwitPic, where he scaled the app to over 50 million users, billions of photos, and petabytes of data.

Dave Gregorio.jpg

Dave Gregorio

Chief Client Officer

Dave Gregorio has over thirty years of healthcare technology experience across provider, payer and pharma settings, focused on the creation and execution of technology adoption strategies.  Dave's professional experience includes VP at Optum Physician Services, CIO at Johnson and Johnson and founder of the leading military veteran transition program focused on healthcare careers..


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Blockit, Inc. will not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability or a person 40 years old or older.