Privacy Policy

Effective Date:  March 12, 2020

This Privacy Policy discloses the information practices of Blockit, Inc. (“Blockit”) that are applicable to this website and/or mobile application (collectively, the “Blockit Services”). For purposes of this Privacy Policy, "Blockit," “we,” and “us” means and includes Blockit, Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries and its and their investors, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives and assigns.  We encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully.  Terms not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning set forth in Blockit’s Terms of Use.

By accessing, viewing, and/or using (each, a “use”) the Blockit Services, each user (individually, “User” or “you” and collectively, “Users”) understands and agrees to the privacy practices contained herein as well as to the Medical Service Provider’s Notice of Privacy Practices, as applicable.  If you object to anything in this Privacy Policy or Blockit’s Terms of Use, or otherwise do not understand or agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy or Blockit’s Terms of Use, do not use the Blockit Services and exit immediately.

1.   Notice of Privacy Policy Changes.  Blockit may update this Privacy Policy to reflect changes to information practices. If any material changes are made, Users will be notified by e-mail (sent to the e-mail address provided) or by means of a notice on the Blockit Services prior to the change becoming effective. Users are encouraged to review this page upon each visit to the Blockit Services for the latest information on Blockit’s information practices.

2.   Information Collection.  Blockit and third parties on Blockit’s behalf use various information collection and tracking technologies, including without limitation web server logs, cookies, web beacons, tokens and web analytics tools, to collect, store, analyze, use, and disclose information from and about Users’ devices, Users’ activities on the Blockit Services, and Users’ activities on the Internet.  This information is collected in order to:

A.  facilitate access to the Blockit Services;

B.  offer a personalized experience when visiting the Blockit Services;

C.  deliver the services requested;

D.  manage User accounts and provide Users with customer support;

E.   perform research and analysis about the use of, or interest in, Blockit products, services, or content, or products, services, or content offered by third parties;

F.   communicate by e-mail, postal mail, telephone and/or mobile devices about products or services that may be of interest to Users, either from Blockit or other third parties;

G.  track Users' use of the Blockit Services and advertisements;

H.  develop, deliver, and display targeted content and advertising on the Blockit Services and other websites;

I.    measure the effectiveness of online advertising, content, programming or other activities;

J.   enforce the Blockit Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy;

K.  process payment for services through the Blockit Services;

L.   protect against or identify possible fraudulent transactions;

M. perform functions as otherwise needed to manage Blockit's business; and

N.  perform functions as otherwise described to Users at the time of collection.

3.   User-Submitted Information.  Blockit collects, stores, analyzes, and uses information, content, and materials Users post or submit via the Blockit Services.  Such information includes, but is not limited to, contact information (e.g., name, address, telephone number and alternate e-mail address), demographic information (e.g., age and sex), financial information (e.g. credit or debit card numbers, insurance information), or medical information, as well as passwords and log-in credentials (collectively, “User Information”).  User Information will be used by Blockit or third parties on Blockit's behalf in providing the Blockit Services including, without limitation, User registration, appointment scheduling, payment, and customer service matters. User should not disclose medical information when communicating with Blockit customer support, either by email at, by phone, or by any other means.  Any medical information User discloses to Blockit customer support is not subject to federal or state medical privacy regulations.  User consents to the collection, storage, analysis and use of User Information as set forth in this Privacy Policy, Blockit’s Terms of Use, and, as applicable, Medical Service Providers’ Notice of Privacy Practices. Blockit may also collect, store, analyze and use information about Users provided by Medical Service Providers for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and in Blockit’s Terms of Use and Medical Service Providers’ Notice of Privacy Practices.

4.   Choices Available to Users. Users can choose not to provide certain User Information, but the failure to provide certain User Information may result in the User being unable to use certain features of the Blockit Services.  Users can correct, delete inaccuracies, change or remove account information at any time by adjusting the User profile.

Additionally, Users may choose to reject “cookies” or disable mobile device identifiers.  While Users are not required to accept cookies or mobile device identifiers from Blockit, if you block or reject them you may not have access to all Blockit Services.

5.   Information Sharing.    Blockit will disclose User Information to third parties only in the ways and for the purposes that are described in this Privacy Policy, Blockit’s Terms of Use, and, as applicable, Medical Service Providers’ Notice of Privacy Practices.  Blockit may disclose User Information in Blockit's sole discretion: (a) to third parties that provide services on behalf of Blockit and/or in connection with the Blockit Services, including to Medical Service Providers and their employees as needed to provide the Blockit Services requested by the User; (b) if required or permitted pursuant to any applicable law, regulation, or court or administrative order; (c) in connection with any User's violation of or to otherwise enforce Blockit's rights under the Terms of Use, Acceptable Use Policy, Medical Service Providers’ Notice of Privacy Practices (as applicable), or other agreements with Blockit; (d) to protect the property of Blockit; or (e) to protect the personal safety and/or rights of employees of Blockit, other Users, or members of the public. Further, and notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Blockit may transfer, sell and/or distribute User Information to third parties: (a) with the exception of protected health information, for the satisfaction of any debt or upon liquidation of Blockit should such a situation arise; (b) to a purchaser or transferee of all or a portion of Blockit's assets in conjunction with the sale or transfer of such assets; and/or (c) with the exception of financial and protected health information, at or for any other purpose in Blockit's sole discretion.

6.   Disclosures to Medical Service Providers.  Blockit may share User Information with Medical Service Providers with whom the User chooses to schedule appointments.  This information may include, but is not limited to, completed medical history forms, demographic information, and other information needed by Medical Service Providers to enable them to provide services to you or to refer you to and make appointments with other Medical Service Providers on your behalf.  Blockit may also share your User Information with Health Information Exchanges, Regional health Information Organizations, and other organizations that facilitate access to health information to improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of health care.

7.   Payment Processing.  Payments to service providers made through the Blockit Services will be processed by a third-party payment processing partner, as outlined in the Terms of Use.  The third-party payment processing partner will collect credit card and other personal information from User necessary to process the payment request.  The third-party payment processing partner’s data collection, use, and storage practices are governed by its applicable terms of service and privacy policy, not by this Privacy Policy or by Blockit’s Terms of Use.

8.   Information Retention and Removal.  Blockit may retain User Information for a variety of purposes and for an indefinite length of time, at its sole discretion, including but not limited to preservation of the integrity of Blockit databases.  If required by law, as is the case to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Blockit will delete User Information by erasing it from Blockit's database upon request. Blockit will also respond to written member requests to nullify User Information that is eligible for nullification in accordance with Blockit's then-current policies. However, Blockit will retain and use User Information as necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce Blockit's Terms of Use and, if applicable, Medical Service Providers’ Notice of Privacy Practices or other agreements.  Should you decide that you no longer wish to use the Blockit Services, you may delete your account.  For assistance in removing User Information from Blockit’s database, please contact us as at  Any such requests will require verification of User’s identity.

9.   Consent.  By using the Blockit Services, User consents to Blockit's collection, storage, analysis, use and disclosure of User Information as set forth in this Privacy Policy, Blockit’s Terms of Use, and, if applicable, Medical Service Providers’ Notice of Privacy Practices.

10. Security Measures.  Blockit uses reasonable security measures to protect User Information, including without limitation Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for sensitive User Information such as financial or medical information.  However, no data transmitted over or accessible through the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure.  As a result, Blockit does not represent or warrant that User Information will be completely secure from misappropriation by hackers or from other nefarious or criminal activities, or in the event of a failure of computer hardware, software, or a telecommunications network. All User Information is provided at User's own risk. Blockit expressly disclaims any and all liability whatsoever for any controversies, claims, suits, injuries and/or damages, arising from and/or in any way related to any User Information, including without limitation to any acts by other Users or third parties with respect to such User Information.

11. Third Party Websites. The Blockit Services may contain third party advertising and links to third party websites. Blockit is not responsible for the privacy practices or policies of these advertisers or websites. Please contact such advertisers or websites directly for more information about their privacy practices. Blockit expressly disclaims, and each User expressly releases Blockit from, any and all liability whatsoever for any controversies, claims, suits, injuries and/or damages, arising from and/or in any way related to third party advertisers and/or the use of links to third party websites that may appear on the Blockit Services, including without limitation such websites' availability, privacy policies, content, advertising, and/or products or other materials.

12. Electronic Communications from Blockit. By using the Blockit Services, Users consent to Blockit and/or third parties acting on behalf of Blockit sending to User electronic messages relating to the Blockit Services and the business of Blockit. Users may choose whether to receive communications from Blockit or third parties with whom Blockit has a commercial relationship by adjusting the User profile. Users who need assistance opting out of communications can contact Blockit at Users will be given the opportunity, in any commercial e-mail sent by Blockit, to opt-out of receiving such communications in the future using the link at the bottom of the email, although Users may not opt-out of receiving administrative emails. It may take up to ten (10) days to process an opt-out request. Opting out of Blockit communications will not automatically opt User out of third-party linked websites.

13. Public Information.  Any User Information disclosed in public areas of the Blockit Services, such as message boards, becomes publicly-available information, and Users should exercise caution when deciding to disclose such User Information publicly and comply with the requirements of the Acceptable Use Policy. Blockit expressly disclaims, and each User expressly releases Blockit from, any and all liability whatsoever for any controversies, claims, suits, injuries and/or damages, arising from and/or in any way related to any User Information, including without limitation to any acts by Users with respect to such User Information. To request removal of User Information from Blockit's public areas, contact Blockit at In some cases, Blockit may not be able to remove User Information, in which case Blockit will let User know if and why it is unable to do so.

14. Protection of Children's Privacy. The Blockit Services are not developed for or directed at children. Therefore, Blockit does not intend to collect information directly from individuals under 18 years of age or who have not been legally emancipated. Information may be collected from an adult User who is using the Blockit Services to schedule appointments for minors for whom the User is the custodial parent or legal guardian, and by using the Blockit Services in this manner, the User understands and agrees that Blockit will collect certain information about the minor necessary to provide the Blockit Services.  If it is discovered that Blockit has inadvertently collected information from an individual not meeting these requirements, Blockit will promptly take all reasonable measures to delete that data from databases and systems.

15. Disclaimer of GDPR Applicability. Blockit is not subject to regulation under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”). Therefore, even if the User is a resident of the European Union or the European Economic Area and Blockit may have information about the User that is the type of information subject to the GDPR, the GDPR is not applicable to Blockit or to Blockit’s relationship with the User.

16. Disclaimer of CCPA Applicability. Blockit is not subject to regulation under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (the “CCPA”). Therefore, even if you are a California resident and Blockit may have personal information about the User that is the type of information subject to the CCPA, the CCPA is not applicable to Blockit or to Blockit’s relationship with the User.

17. Contacting Blockit. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact Blockit at