Implementation is a Breeze


No doubt you’ve experienced your fair share of disappointment in the promise of technology, only to be let down when things get real. Fortunately, looking forward always provides the opportunity for progress (if we believe in the power of hope)! If you can bring even a slice of hope to a conversation with the Blockit team, you can rest assured your hope will be rewarded. Why? Not necessarily because of what you hear from the team, but because of what you will hear from your peers, people like you, who have already implemented Blockit.


Average Days to Results

90 Days

90 is the current average number of days until providers experience meaningful results. Patients and frontline teams experience meaningful results on day one of go-live.


Number of Proven Integrations

21+ Integrations

21 (and counting) is the number of proven integrations including Epic, Cerner, eCW, Athena, GE, NextGen.

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