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Blockit Announces No Cost Third Dose Online Scheduling Functionality For COVID-19 Vaccinations.

McKinney, TX, August 24, 2021--Blockit Now Inc., a leading provider of digital care coordination solutions, announced today that it will expand the license use of the no cost version of its award-winning, HIPAA compliant, online vaccination scheduling solution to include third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to eligible immunocompromised patients. The offering is intended to ease the monumental effort by providing an easy to use online schedule system that has already been used in complex healthcare scheduling use cases to schedule nearly 1.5 million vaccinations.

This represents a significant effort to help continue to increase the efficiency of COVID-19 vaccination coordination and minimize the stress on both providers and patients during this difficult time. Since the launch of the COVID-19 scheduling offering, Blockit has worked continuously to increase relevant features and support the needs of healthcare workers, patients, government officials, clients and other organizations focused on helping Americans through this Pandemic.

“This offering along with Blockit’s efforts delivering an amazing solution for monoclonal antibody treatment scheduling continues to prove our commitment to make healthcare happen through innovative enabling technologies across the continuum of care,” said Blockit’s CEO, Jake McCarley. Since initially announcing Blockit’s free COVID-19 test scheduling offering in March of 2020, Blockit has continued to offer additional no cost functionality enabling both large and small organizations to improve their administration and patient experience. “Our goal has always been to use innovative technology to simplify patient access while improving patient outcomes and reducing excess work for healthcare professionals,” said Blockit SVP CCO, Dave Gregorio. “With the continued spread of COVID-19 and the additional vaccination effort, we are honored to support the front line delivery organizations with no cost access to our leading digital care coordination solutions.”

For healthcare organizations interested in utilizing this service to easily publish and seamlessly manage COVID-19 vaccination scheduling , please visit and follow the quick and simple five minute enrollment.

About Blockit:

Blockit’s focus on simplifying healthcare processes for everyone has led to being the leading platform that improves patient access that leads to better patient outcomes. By combining advanced technology with expert service and support, Blockit removes the barriers that stand in the way of patient access, seamless closed loop referrals and optimal care coordination.

Media Contact:

Dave Gregorio

SVP, Chief Customer Officer

‪(248) 215-2729‬

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