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Empowering Patients to Self-Schedule Lab Appointments to Reduce Crowds and Improve Experiences

Village Health Partners (VHP) is a group of family doctors in the Dallas/Fort Worth market committed to improving health by focusing on prevention and overall wellness. They strive to make healthcare more accessible and convenient. Their award-winning family doctors provide a wide variety of services to patients of all ages through our extensive practice, evening and weekend hours, and secure online access.


Business Objectives

VHP orders over 2,000 labs per month. Patients are sent to three labs within the metro area. Due to the spread of COVID-19, protocols for office buildings have changed to limit the spread of the virus. VHP strives to provide the highest quality care, including when the patient leaves the VHP facility. The objective was to provide the safest and most convenient way for patients to get the labs they needed to facilitate their care.


The high volume of daily labs made it difficult to adhere to COVID-19 protocols like social distancing and reduced office capacity. Patients would show up at the labs in groups, creating challenges for the lab staff and the patients themselves. The high density of patients within a location put a strain on an already stressed system and led to dissatisfied patients.


Blockit equipped the lab with a user-friendly digital scheduling platform and empowered VHP providers to help patients schedule their labs at specific times instead of showing up in crowds.


Patients were able to quickly self-schedule lab appointments spread out over 10-minute increments, resulting in less congestion and a safer environment. The process also simplified VHP and lab staff workflows by moving a phone-based task to a self-service digital platform.


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