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Expert Predictions on 2022 Consumer-Centered Healthcare Strategies

Reposted from HealthCareExecIntelligence January 3, 2022 article: Expert Predictions on 2022 Consumer-Centered Healthcare Strategies

January 03, 2022 - Consumer-centered healthcare strategies will manifest in healthcare professionals’ interactions with consumers through improving health equity and increasing patient access to care, as well as in healthcare professionals’ interactions with each other through healthcare technology and dealmaking.

Fred Rachman, MD, chief executive officer and founder of AllianceChicago, underscored the continued trend of healthcare consumerism.

“We're seeing increasingly the recognition that our industry, which used to be very much driven by the healthcare provider, is setting out more and more the expectation that consumers are in the driver's seat,” Rachman told Healthcare Strategies.

As in previous years, healthcare consumerism’s influence will extend to the healthcare technology space as organizations leverage predictive analytics, seek to adopt a more standardized approach to clinical decision support, and endeavor to comply with price transparency regulations.

“Technology is just exploding in terms of consumer-facing applications or medical devices that are increasingly being designed so that the delivery of care can be uncoupled from the physical location within a traditional medical or office setting. So that focus on consumers is a trend and all of the information technology and data considerations that pertain to that is certainly a key area that we feel we need to be leaning into.”

JP Pollak, co-founder and chief architect of The Commons Project, also underscored the important role that healthcare technologies play in enabling consumers’ access to care. More specifically, he emphasized the use of digital health cards that can save coronavirus vaccination records and other key healthcare information, making health data more easily accessible.

Promoting health equity is another key part of accurately assessing and serving consumers’ healthcare needs.

Errol Pierre, senior vice president of state programs at HealthFirst, shared his projections around what steps healthcare organizations would need to take in 2022 in order to accelerate the industry’s progress toward health equity. He named three key factors that will prove essential, including improving race and ethnicity data collection.

Listen to the full podcast to hear more details.

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