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Improving Patient Experiences at On-site Employee Clinics

One of the few physician-owned urgent care organizations in Houston, Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) represents a new type of urgent care organization. The organization focuses on the customer experience with quality and consistency of care, delivered using proprietary systems, organizational designs, and “next level” clinical and business processes.


Business Objectives

With a desire to expand services offered to their community, NLUC’s leadership turned its attention to on-site employee clinics. For large employee groups in a close geographical area, developing a clinic for employee use in the workplace can be a great benefit. Employees get easy access to low-cost or cost-free medical care. Employers enjoy the benefits of reducing the lost time from work, preventing the need for more expensive crisis care, and maintaining a healthier more productive workforce.


On-site clinics have unique patient engagement needs that differ from urgent care. However, the operational and support teams require the ability to support both without running separate technologies. The core needs of offering a scheduled time slot alongside walk-ins, shaping digital workflows to each employer’s needs and desires, enabling referral patterns that align to the employer’s desired network, and syncing existing EMR workflows are critical to both patient engagement and staff efficiency.


Blockit enabled the front end of the patient experience with digital scheduling to allow employees to choose a time while maintaining the ability to digitally get in-line for walk-ins. NLUC was also able to include their virtual visit option as well as shape the data collection and patient experience to each employer’s needs. Upon completion of being seen, NLUC on-site staff are able to use Blockit’s referral platform that has the employer’s preferred network setup to schedule employee referrals before they leave the visit and go into the narrow network. All workflows, including scheduling, are in full sync with NLUC’s EMR so there is no double entry or management. The process is fully automated.


  • NLUC can offer cutting edge technology to their on-site clinic clients while reducing their staff’s workload.

  • Patient, client and staff satisfaction is high.

  • The patient experience continues to be a differentiator for their offering, supporting the growth of this service line.

  • The partnership with Blockit continues to enable NLUC’s desire to deliver next level clinical and business processes supported by technology.


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