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Consumer Directory

Helping patients find the care they need

Connect provider...

Locate the best match with a robust provider directory

to patient...

Utilizing direct scheduling options across the organization


Increasing efficiency with automated workflows

Provider Data Managment

Locate the best match with a robust provider directory.

We enable patients to find the care that’s the best match for them. Whether it be specialty, location, first availability, or other predefined data elements, patients can search and filter based on their preferences increasing satisfaction from the first encounter.

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Real-Time Scheduling

Utilizing direct scheduling from multiple EMRs and access points.

Convenience is quickly becoming the most important determinant of who patients choose to see. Remove the barrier of clicks, multiple portal log-ins, phone calls or faxes by utilizing real-time scheduling across all EMRs and access points.


Reduce lost revenue from canceled appointments.

Increase revenue with an automated text-based solution that works on your behalf, without staff involvement, to proactively offer earlier appointments to already scheduled patients, leading to reduced wait times and increased patient volume.

Automated Workflows

Eliminate administrative noise and unnecessary touch points.

Allow everyone on your team to operate at the top of licensure by eliminating unnecessary manual touch points. Let us do the heavy lifting, whether it be booking an appointment directly from an order, allowing patients to reschedule appointments, or sending reminders.

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blockit API Console

blockit api.jpg

The gold standard of interoperability.

Our block API technology allows you to integrate multiple EMRs into a single FHIR API endpoint. The process of scripting APIs and data reporting is simplified with an adaptable console, easy to understand error-codes, and freedom to choose the programming language you’re most familiar with.

Our Customers
See Real Results

The healthcare industry has a growing need to provide both efficiencies for healthcare workers and convenience for patients. Our ability to deliver real results to both sides of the equation is why we were able to provide a better experience for millions patients and tens of thousands of providers.




million patient interactions in 2023

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