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Navigating healthcare is complicated.

Discover how blockit connects the ecosystem making accessing and navigating care easy for patients and staff.

The patient journey is hard.


do not follow through with referrals


average days to see a physician


patients dissatisfied with digital experience

Restoring The Connection Between Provider and Patient

We are helping patients find the care they need by removing the barriers to be seen and reducing the administrative and technology distractions.

Digital Front Door

Power your brand preference with in-app configuration/customization and provider directory

Patient Self Scheduling

Real-time scheduling with easy to use search capabilities and unlimited filtering capabilities

Referral Management

Increase referral follow-thrus and reduce time to schedule with zero calls, faxes or cards required

Care Coordination

Patient engagement and coordination that meets you (and your patients) where they are

Our Clients Are Leading The Way

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We are proving that the provider and patient relationship can be restored with some of the biggest health systems in the country by making it easier for their patients to access care while also significantly improving staff’s ability to be a part of a better, faster, and more enjoyable overall patient care experience.

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“Our patients are at the center of everything we do. And, our patients have asked for the ability to schedule follow-up appointments, on the spot, regardless of what electronic health record system their health care provider uses.”

- COO, Beaumont Health

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