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Significantly reduce leakage while increasing patient engagement in your care delivery ecosystem with the only simple and truly integrated Digital Care Coordination solution.


Our clients are leading the way.

Thousands of providers across dozens of healthcare organizations still leveraging countless EMRs are making it much easier for their patients to access care while also significantly improving staff’s ability to be a part of a better, faster and more enjoyable overall patient care experience.

Beaumont Health
Oak Street Health
Houston Methodist
Common Spirit
Christus Health
WellStreet Urgent Care
Select Medical
Northside Hospital
Nextlevel Urgent Care

Improved care begins with improved access

Meet your patients where they are and without specific apps, userid and password complexity. With Blockit, you can make access easy from wherever they are to wherever they need to be.

Do You Have A Harmonized Healthcare Ecosystem?

A Harmonized Healthcare EcoSystem

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Blockit Experiences

Configure Blockit Experiences to shape your patient access strategy.

Blockit Patient Self Scheduling
Blockit Referral Management
Blockit Patient Access Center
Blockit API Solution


Discharge, Navigator and Automated work together, powered by deep EMR integration, to ensure the patient's continuum of care is achieved according to your organization and/or network's unique needs and objectives. Deploy Automated to get started with no staff investment or deploy a combination of options based on engagement needs. 

Blockit - Referral Discharge Workflow
Blockit Referral DNA Navigator Workflow
Blockit Referral DNA Automated Workflow

All ReferralDNA experiences are powered with:

  • EMR integration eliminating double work and data entry.

  • Real-time seamlessly integrated scheduling across disparate EMR technologies.

  • Detailed referral data and analytics.

  • Real-time referral and appointment status.

  • Ability to close the referral loop and communicate with referring partners. 


Here's what our customers are experiencing


“Our patients are at the center of everything we do. And, our patients have asked for the ability to schedule follow-up appointments, on the spot, regardless of what electronic health record system their health care provider uses.”

– COO, Beaumont Health System

“Finally, technology that works with us to achieve our goals instead of us working for them!”

– VP Ambulatory & Network Care, Christus Health

“I wish every partner was as easy to work with on achieving our objectives as Blockit.”

– VP, Digital Transformation, CommonSpirit

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Connect your way.

Blockit connector platform

The benefit of using the Blockit connector platform is the flexibility. Your organization is unique. You likely have multiple EMR and Practice Management technologies that would work just fine if they could just work better together and have just a few more simple but so important features.

So whether you only need our robust, but simple-to-deploy API* capabilities, or all Blockit modules, your organization will get the most out of your entire technology infrastructure.

Think of Blockit as as the long lost key that finally unlocks the power of your existing technology and enables the pleasure of reduced administration and increased patient satisfaction. You have all these working technologies, amazing people and established processes in place. But you need it all to perform better, less manual and more enjoyable. Now you can make it happen with Blockit.

Ready to talk strategy?


Our modules, your solution.

Depending on your current environment, you can start your configuration with what makes the most sense to achieve your goals quickly, without feeling overwhelmed by tech talk.


Make scheduling real-time appointments simple and easy with Referral Management, Call Center, and Consumer Scheduling all working together seamlessly. Including Lab, PT, Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology appointments. 

Care Navigation


Ensure a seamlessly connected experience occurs prior to clinical service with Pre-Service: Registration, Eligibility, Pre-authorization, Notifications, and Payment.

Patient Pre Registration


Seamlessly connect a secure, touch-less clinical experience to Referral Scheduling and Payment without the need to leave the clinical service technology to do it.



Get real-time insights to patient experience data while making it easy to make that data available in your enterprise reporting views in real-time.

Care Continuum Analystics

Interoperability Engine

Using deep integration technologies, Blockit seamlessly integrates with dozens of EMR and ancillary platforms. And take heart, Blockit can successfully be fully integrated within 15 days.

Blockit Interoperability Engine

Discover how.


A difficult patient journey made easy.

The patient journey is hard. 

Patients delay and miss appointments more than ever. And while provider networks are trying to work together, they are not well-connected. Improving the quality of the patient journey and proving the value of all the tech just seems impossible.

Make it easy with Blockit. 

Blockit is the only a connector platform solution, purpose-built for healthcare providers and their patients to finally improve the care navigation achieve value in their experiences and results including:

  • Higher patient show rates

  • Fewer readmissions

  • Positive patient satisfaction trends

  • Quantifiable meaningful growth worth quantifying

  • Leverage in payer negotiations


Your patients and your people experience seamless, fluid interactions, together, powered by the right Blockit solution that makes your care network truly connected. Value is finally attainable. 


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