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Cordata Healthcare Innovations Teams Up with Blockit to Offer Automated Appointments in the Complex

Cincinnati, OH – January 28, 2019: Cordata Healthcare Innovations is pleased to announce its collaboration with McKinney, TX-based Blockit, to extend its product’s referral management features to include real-time referral-requested appointment scheduling. The typical care coordinator faces daily barriers to assisting their patients and care teams through the maze of phone calls and emails looking for an appointment that fits their patient’s need and accommodates key referral specifics. Complex disease patients typically have 3-5 referrals as part of their care plan. This effort can take a complex disease coordinator over 3 hours to schedule and confirm. This commonly manual process yields startling results: 46% of faxed referrals never result in a scheduled appointment, and 50% of referring physicians do not know whether their patients actually saw the specialist requested. With the Cordata+Blockit solution, the impact on referral compliance will be felt immediately with increased pathway adherence, patient satisfaction, improved consult results available to the referring provider a more efficient management of patients along their care continuum.

Blockit gives care coordinators the ability to book referral-requested appointments in under 90 seconds and automatically transfers required information into the receiving EMR. The Cordata+Blockit collaboration allows the referring provider and care team to track patient status and referral-compliance in real-time within Cordata’s care coordination technology. In addition, the Blockit collaboration allows the referring provider and care coordinator to track and report on appointment status and compliance. Looping these capabilities into Cordata takes our referral management to the next level of productivity.

”At Cordata we are striving to remove much of the administrative burden of complex disease coordination, so they can focus on the important part - the relationship with the patient. If our users can get off being on hold waiting to schedule an appointment, they can better engage the patient, monitor the case information served up in Cordata and help their patients stay on path.” says Gary Winzenread, Cordata’s President and CEO.

“Blockit’s platform gives Cordata the ability to schedule appointments at the point of care and track the status of those appointments with zero phone calls. This will allow Cordata’s users to do away with anachronistic fax machines and avoid the dreaded and time-consuming phone quartets between sending and receiving providers, patients, and insurers. We have specialty organizations who manage complex disease states, and have needs that go beyond our platform. Our partnership and integration with Cordata will allow us to help partner with them in an entirely new way, delivering an even better clinical and business outcomes for that population.." says Jake McCarley, Blockit's CEO.

About Cordata Healthcare Innovations, LLC:

Cordata’s specialty care coordination platform helps healthcare organizations more effectively treat people with chronic complex diseases and generate better clinical and business outcomes through effective patient management and retention along complex care paths. Physicians, nurse navigators, care coordinators, service-line directors and business executives at 100+ hospitals and health systems rely on Cordata for timely and actionable insights. Learn more at

About Blockit:

Blockit is a technology platform designed to enable patient acquisition and retention for health care organizations and their networks. The EHR-agnostic integrated platform empowers care delivery networks to move patients between care settings seamlessly and deliver an unparalleled patient experience. Learn more at .


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