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*Free Ebook* From Resistance to Acceptance

Implementing a new referral management solution (RMS) is a big change for your practice. Successful management of that change involves thinking not only about the new technology, but also about your people. They have tremendous power to influence the success of your RMS rollout.

To use that power to your advantage, you and your team need to understand how the change will affect them, how best to engage them in the process and how to tap into their experience to design the best outcome. The more effectively you can do that, the faster your practice can start to realize the many benefits of a referral management solution.

Blockit is here to help with this ebook that provides a framework for thinking about organizational change from management professionals that bring the skill, knowledge, and experience to ensure success.

Contact us as for your free copy of "From Resistance to Acceptance".


Dave Gregorio is the Chief Customer Officer at Blockit and the author of the Purpose Quotient®, a nationally recognized framework for Organizational Development. A 30 year healthcare industry professional with a passion for people, Dave is the founder of the Heroes to Healthcare mission and CEO of ImPowerQ Associates llc.


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