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QliqSOFT and Blockit Announce Strategic Partnership

Secure communication and digital patient coordination to be leveraged to enhance clinical workflows and patient engagement.

Our collaboration with Blockit will continue to integrate the patient directly into this journey through AI-driven triage, and self-scheduling.” — Krishna Kurapati

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, September 22, 2020 / -- QliqSOFT, specializing in secure, HIPAA-compliant, clinical collaboration and patient communication solutions and Blockit, Inc., a leading provider of digital care coordination solutions, today announced a strategic partnership allowing patients to easily schedule appointments directly through QliqSOFT’s AI-driven chatbot platform, Quincy, and their Virtual Visit telehealth solution.

The integration of these solutions serves as a way to deliver a smooth and seamless healthcare journey for patients. Together, Blockit’s online scheduling solution will allow patients to easily connect with their providers that then transforms into an engaging virtual telehealth appointment using a combination of QliqSOFT’s AI-Driven chatbots and Virtual Visit technology.

Blockit offers a robust suite of patient access solutions that work hand and glove with standard EMR and practice management platforms, touching all aspects of the patient journey.

“We believe the successful delivery of modern medicine is reliant on solutions that involve the patients along every step of their healthcare journey,” says Krishna Kurapait, QliqSOFT Founder & CEO. “Our collaboration with Blockit will continue to integrate the patient directly into this journey through AI-driven triage, and self-scheduling.”

QliqSOFT’s secure, app-less telehealth solution is used by thousands of providers to conduct scheduled and on-demand virtual visits, reaching patients where they are and avoiding barriers to care. On average QliqSOFT connects providers and patients in over 1 million minutes of video a month.

“The healthcare experience is hard enough on patients and anything that can be done to make it easier and more effective is a top priority for Blockit. Chat-based solutions deliver on helping patients improve access,” said Jake McCarley, Chief Executive, and Co-Founder at Blockit. “We’re thrilled to partner with QliqSOFT to continue to deliver on our commitment to improving access to healthcare.”

About Blockit, Inc. Blockit’s focus on simplifying healthcare processes for everyone motivated the company to build technologies that improve patient access and lead to better patient outcomes. By combining advanced technology with expert service and support, Blockit removes the barriers that stand in the way of patient access and care. Find out more at

About QliqSOFT, Inc. Created for healthcare executives who understand that clinical quality and financial sustainability hinge on secure, scalable technology, QliqSOFT’s virtual care platforms solve an expanding array of communication and workflow inefficiencies to increase patient engagement. Utilizing modular solutions that can be rapidly implemented, easily maintained, and expanded later, QliqSOFT technology streamlines and expedites the exchange of essential information while reducing customers’ investment and overhead cost. To learn more, visit

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