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Get new patients. Keep more patients.

Provider Data Management

It's in our DNA

One size fits all solutions fits no one. referralDNA was designed with flexibility in mind so we can meet you where you are in your patient access journey. 


Whether you initiate a referral from time of service (discharge), a care coordinator (navigator), or a patient self-schedules from a call-to-action (automated), all routes are powered by deep EMR integration to ensure the patient’s continuum of care is achieved.



Automated Referral Scheduling

Staff working at maximum efficiency is critical right now. With blockit’s FHIR integration and smart automation, front-end staff has the ability to immediately schedule a patient at the point of care for their referral in a matter of minutes. No phone calls, faxes, or multiple log-ins required.

Operational Insight

Knowledge truly
is power.

Closing the referral loop is impossible without the right operational insight. Detailed data and analytics provide real-time referral and appointment statuses. Communication between referral partners can now be aligned to provide the best patient care and develop better relationships within the network.

Closing the Referral Loop.png

CRM / Patient Access Center / Care Navigators

Care Coordination Made Simple

Controlling out-of-network costs is critical for organizations moving to value-based care. Most providers refer out of network simply because they don't have network visibility. With CRM Access Center, managing care coordination and keeping referrals in-network becomes possible.

blockit API Console

blockit api.jpg

The gold standard of interoperability.

Maintain your network integrity by integrating your ecosystem across multiple EMRs into a single FHIR API endpoint. The blockit API console simplifies the process of scripting and data reporting with the ability to choose the programming language you're most comfortable with and easy to understand error-codes.

Our Customers
See Real Results

Managing referrals doesn’t need to be complex or time-consuming. Our ability to cut through the noise is how we’ve provided a better experience for patients and staff by increasing referral follow-throughs, reducing time to schedule, with zero calls, faxes or cards required.


increase in referral follow-through

3.2 min


time to schedule a referral appointment

calls, faxes, or cards required

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