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Digital Network

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Blockit is a leading provider of patient access and care coordination solutions and along with MHP has developed a Digital Care Coordination solution to improve patient access and provider efficiency 


Easy to Deploy and Tremendously Capable

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Highly Secure

A fully HIPAA-compliant environment 

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Realtime Scheduling

Rules based scheduling and closed loop referrals 

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Automated Referral

Patients and staff notified with key information

Improved care begins with improved access.

Meet your patients where they are and without specific apps, userid and password complexity. With Blockit, you can make access easy from wherever they are to wherever they need to be.


Over  11,800 Urgent Care Referrals Made 

Follow Through


Days to Visit




Experience an all-in-one platform to streamline referral management and patient scheduling.


Simplify the patient experience and significantly reduce the workload for staff

Flexible enough to offer stand alone scheduling or integrate into existing workflows

Deploy Digital Care Coordination Today

Are you ready to simplify and rapidly ramp up your referral and patient self scheduling efforts?


For organizations seeking to enhance their patient engagement experience and open your digital front door

Everything you need, plus more: 

  • Unlimited number of Users

  • Unlimited Network connections


  • Message other providers in-app


  • Securely receive referrals


  • Schedule appointments at the point of care

  • Monitor referral pattern analytics


  • Track status of sent referrals

  • Track network leakage

  • Build customized narrow networks

  • Match insurance networks

  • Enable provider partners to schedule patients in real time

  • Consumer self-scheduling module
    Access market's provider directory

  • Patient Notifications & Reminders

  • SAML Single Sign On


For organizations seeking maximum configuration, EMR/PMS integration and broader workflow incorporation. 

Everything in Plus, and: 

  • EMR/PMS integration

  • Sync demographics and insurance data from sending or receiving EMR

  • Eliminate schedule hijacking with appointment e-sync and customizable templates that only display desired availability

  • Sync scheduled appointments directly on EMR's calendar

  • Eliminate manual updating for appointments and referral status

  • Blockit API for data and business intelligence integration

  • Multiple organizations option

  • Sync existing patient database/appointments to centralize efforts and retain history

  • Much more